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Providing PTFE products for:
Fabricated Components
where Teflon® type solids are required.

Teflon ® Tape, Teflon ® Sheet, Teflon ® O-rings, Teflon ® Gaskets,  Expanded Joint Sealant made from Teflon ®, Teflon ® Packing, Teflon ® Sanitary Gaskets, Teflon ® Seals, Teflon ® , Teflon ®, Teflon ® ! ” How many times have you heard people say Teflon ® and when they do, are they really saying what they mean ?

There is only one true Teflon®, and if something is made out of Teflon®, it can only be made from Teflon® resins manufactured by, or licensed for manufacture by, DuPont.  The Sanitary Gaskets we proudly distribute are manufactured by Newman Sanitary Gasket Company, and are made of 100% Teflon ®, under license by DuPont. The balance of our products we refer to as being made of PTFE, the short way of saying  Polytetrafluoroethylene.  Be sure to visit our “PTFE Facts” page, and learn more interesting things concerning PTFE and Teflon ®, and how it all began.

Make our on-line store your one-stop source for PTFE O-Rings, Molded PTFE Sheet, Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant, PTFE Thread Sealant Tape, Teflon ® Sanitary Gaskets, and PTFE solids of all types.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours et cie.

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